Back Massager with Heat, TENS/EMS Full Back Massager Neck Massager for Pain Relief Deep Tissue, Waist Massager Electric Muscle Stimulator, 5 Modes and 50 Intensities

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  • [FSA OR HSA ELIGIBLE] Our back massage instrument meets FSA or HSA standards, and you can safely purchase it with your corresponding account. The back massage instrument uses EMS pulse therapy, without any side effects. It is suitable for the back and feet.
  • [TENS/EMS] Our back massage instrument uses TENS/EMS technology, and our technology can only be used after strict testing. Our TENS/EMS technology sends micro current pulses to nerves and muscles through electrical stimulation therapy, which can not only promote blood circulation but also alleviate back and leg pain, as well as fatigue.
  • {Suitable for multiple parts of the body} The back massage instrument is also equipped with four additional electrode patches to help relieve pain in body parts, such as hands, neck, waist, legs, and electrode rubber pads. Not only are the materials environmentally friendly, but also they are highly adhesive, highly reusable.
  • {Easy to operate}"M","+" and "-" 3 buttons on the machine, When turn on the machine will be started default massage mode ,press "+"starts to work and choose the most suitable intensity ,Short press the "M" to change the massage mode, 5 modes can be selected, it switches to new massage mode the intensity will back to "0", please press "+"again to adjust the intensity. Long press "M" for 2 seconds to heating mode
  • [After sales worry free] The back massage instrument has a 12 month warranty period. If any parts are lost or damaged during transportation, please send us a message. We will resolve your issue within 24 hours.

TENS+EMS+HEATED 3 in 1 machine

FSA :Back Massager This product is FSA/HSA qualified product, you can purchase it with confidence

TENS: Back Massager Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, it is by activating endogenous opioid peptides for analgesia, it can also stimulate the thick fiber nerves in the pain site, change the sensory impulses afferent to the central nervous system, and achieve the purpose of alleviating pain.

EMS: Electrical Muscle Stimulator, it use of low-frequency pulse waveforms to electrically stimulate the diseased nerves and their innervated muscles can cause rhythmic muscle contractions, which can promote local blood circulation, relax local muscles, and reduce inflammation and pain.

Heated: Heat the body, promote blood circulation, relieve muscle pain.

With extra wired pads: The extra pads use for limbs and neck, connect the electrode pads to the output line, then connect the output line to the machine, select the mode and strength level to use.

Your waist care specialist lower back massager

Regarding HEATEDBack Massager: 3 level can be setting;

Regarding ModelBack Massager: 5 Model available;

Regarding Intensity levelBack Massager: 1-50 level can be setting;

Regard powerBack Massager: the machien is power by AC 110V wall plug in, without battery

Back Massager TIPS:

1>Do NOT move or touch the electrode pads while the product is on. It may shock.

2>Do NOT use any TENS unit if you are pregnant;

3>Do NOT use any TENS unit if you are using a pacemaker or other metal;

4>Do not use for labor or hypertension patients;

5>Do not place electrode pads on broken or damaged skin;

6>Do not use it near the sensitive parts of the body, heart, brain, mouth, etc;

7>Please increase strength level one by one, don't continuously increase the intensity level in short time.

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